Garden nature diary – February 2023

February 1

Great views of a peregrine falcon this morning in flight around the valley.

Watching it from the living room. Quite literally armchair birding.

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February 2

Still getting the regular flock of long-tailed tits but for about a week now, there’s been a separate pair.

The weather is very mild and they’re thinking about the upcoming breeding season.

While doing a final spring clean in the pool, a common frog put in an appearance.

February 4

Regular visits from a sparrowhawk, sometimes seen three times a day.

It is very crafty as it hides in shrubs waiting for birds to put in an appearance.

February 12

The sparrowhawk is in the garden again.

There are great tit feathers, and nothing else, behind the palm tree so it’s made a kill over the weekend.