Cotwall End Valley nature diary – February 2023

February 1

Great views of a peregrine falcon this morning in flight around the valley. 

Watching it from the living room. Quite literally armchair birding.

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February 3

A grey heron in flight across the valley, bird number 42 of the year.

I heard it first, while walking the dog down the lane.

February 6

A walk along the lane, as far as the double-bend.

Lots of birds showing, highlights were nuthatch, male bullfinch preening in thicket alongside golf course and mistle thrush in the last field on the right.

February 8

The lane, then through the woodland as far as the pool.

Lots of birds, including redwing c.12, mallard 3m, 2f on pool, common buzzard, raven 2 in flight along western ridge, greenfinch m singing.