A Staffordshire/Worcestershire Canal walk from Botterham Bridge (42) to Marsh Brige (41)

I fish it a lot but this morning I went for a walk along the Staffordshire/Worcestershire Canal.

The section, from Botterham to Marsh Bridge is close to where I live and, although I wouldn’t describe it as spectacular countryside, nevertheless it’s rural and pleasant, especially in summer.

It stretches from the outskirts of Wombourne at one end before likewise with Swindon at the other.

Completed in 1771, with James Brindley the project leader, it was in use the following year.

In the context of historical perspective, at that time the United States didn’t exist as it was still a collection of British colonies.

As far as anglers are concerned, the fishing rights belong to Birmingham Anglers Association.

Watch the accompanying video.


  1. The good old Staffs & Worcs! Thanks Stewart, when I come home in March I’ll be pounding the towpath around Gothersley, so this is helping to build my anticipation!
    All the best,