Little Red Monkey, a spy thriller from 1955

Little Red Monkey is a 1955 movie, and the creature does indeed feature in the film, although we’ll have to take their word for its colour as the film is black and white.

It was filmed at Merton Park Studios in London, which no longer exists, with the last movie being made there in 1967.

The storyline revolves around a number of British scientists who are murdered, with the only clue a small monkey.

Then, a defecting Eastern European scientist arrives in England on his way to USA, and that’s where the plot intensifies, as the Communists try to kill him as well.

They don’t, and the hit man is exposed, not as the monkey but a midget (that’s what he’s called in the film).

It appears that the animal goes with him just for the ride.

Stars Richard Conte, Rona Anderson and Russell Napier.

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