Being a grandparent, memories of my own and influencing future generations

My eldest daughter, Rebekah, recently took the photograph above and sent it to me today.

The two children are my grandchildren, Nyah and Tyler.

It got me thinking about my own grandparents, who have all long since departed this planet.

Some children don’t even know all four of their grandparents, but I did mine.


  1. Unfortunately only knew one Grandad who passed when i was 6 .Sobering thought that future generations could read something i had written especially my Grandson . Memories are all we leave behind when we depart this Earth so a note to myself to make sure they are happy positive memories as something written in anger could have a lasting effect . Only ever get to see my daughter and grandson 3/4 times a year as they live in Guernsey thankfully technology keeps us close , great picture btw with your grandchildren making memories.

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