A Choppy Sea, Be Careful But Don’t Necessarily Stop Fishing – Pursuing Wrasse From The Rocks

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  1. Hi Stewart. I’ve enjoyed your sea fishing videos. I live miles from the coast, so I’m likely to always be a beginner at this type of fishing. I’ve managed to build up a rag tag sea fishing outfit over the years to cover most styles. However the biggest pain is hauling it to marks; duff knee joints, coarse fishing holdalls & bits & bobs in plastic bags etc. What do you find the easiest for carrying your general sea fishing gear, a quiver & seat box, or a holdall that takes reels attached & a folding chair? Best wishes.

    1. Hello, Jonathan.
      Glad you like them, I certainly enjoyed making them.
      On this occasion, it was really light travelling.
      I had the rod in one hand, already made up and a shoulder bag.
      With hardly any tackle needed, and no heavy leads, it was easy travelling to the rocks.
      When I go beach fishing I get everything in a Shakespeare plastic seat box and carry the two rods and tripod.
      Naturally, heavier but don’t struggle with it.

      1. Dont do much sea fishing myself and when I do its usually been Mumbles Pier… but as Stewart (in fact it was he who said about it quite a few years ago) uses I’ve also used a Shakespeare box. Good for seating – and keeps gear dry unlike rucksacks etc and is quite lightweight in itself. Room for tackle, and enough butties and drink for a 4+ hour session. Bait carried in plastic carrier bag and rods and poles are strapped/tied together and carried buy clipping on an old shoulder strap. The bit of shore fishing I’ve done I’ve used a tripod head from a very cheapo coarse fishing set up (basically its an awful for that purpose!) but with 3 long telescopic banksticks it does create a very reasonable beach tripod … although possibly commercial sea tripods may be as good and as light but I’ve got the bits I need from my normal coarse fishing so why spend more and also leads to less storage space needed esp for something so little used in my case?

        The seatbox also doubles as my tackle carrier for canal fishing along with a quiver for my float rod and ledger rod, banksticks/pocketpod and landing net and handle. The clip-on trays are good for holding maggot tubs and accessories so no bait waiter or side tables needed…..