A Very Productive Storm Eunice Angling Session… Pointers On Fishing Storms…

I was out first thing this morning for a short lure session on a pool.

I did incredibly well, with numerous pike and perch on the bank.

The latter were all small and the biggest pike is the one that you can see in the lead image.

You can follow the session in the video, as well as some tips on fishing during stormy conditions.

The most important thing to bear in mind is safety.

Going fishing in storms – or other adverse conditions for that matter – isn’t about bravado.

It’s not look at me, I’m a legend. If you think that way, it’s not good.

However, as you can see from the video, if you get venue, spot and approach right then you can still get out there and catch.

As well as the most important aspect of safety, it’s also about the practicalities.

I chose a pool that got hardly any wind. You can see that from the video.

The area I fished was fairly open and my angling approach was convenient.

It was safe and that’s the important thing.

The tackle I fished with was as follows: 

Fox Rage Ultron drop shot rod, Fox Rage Ultron 2500 reel, 10lb Sunline braid on reel. 

Drennan Double Strength 15lb (1.5 metres) joined to the braid with a small swivel. 

Micro jig head 0.7g size 6 hook. Glider 2 inch rubber fish. All knots (3) blood knots.