Three New Birds… First Bumblebee Of The Year… First Amphibian… Pondlife…

Although blue tits and great tits dominate the garden as far as that family of birds is concerned, we do get visits from coal tits, and that now joins the list for the year.

Another new sighting is the kestrel. I watched one in flight over the wood at the base of the valley.

There is also extensive grassland there as well, ideal for the species to hunt.

Late evening, I heard Canada geese calling in flight. Two birds passed overhead.

There are chaffinches spotted every day, the most seen at one time so far this year is five.

I saw my first bumblebee of the year in the garden yesterday, a buff-tailed bumblebee.

The garden pond needed some work, removing algae and leaves etc.

I was really pleased to find so many smooth newt larvae that are there courtesy of last summer’s breeding.

I came across the first common frog of the year as well, ready to spawn.

It’s been a good start to 2022. The blog entries to date, since I started, are here.