Behind The Media Scenes In Top-Flight Welsh Football On JD Cymru Premier MD18

Media work for one game pretty much begins as soon as the previous one has finished, certainly once the post-match stuff has been completed.

With The New Saints playing on the previous Friday At Caernarfon, it meant the Tuesday game at home to Cefn Druids had a quick turnaround.

Included in with the pre-match content is the match preview. You can read that here.

There is a certain amount of regular continuity, the kits that the teams will play in, the officials etc.

There’s still enough to make each preview fresh and relevant though.

I do spend time reading, re-writing and proofreading articles before publishing.

It’s better to put one quality piece out that’s well-written, as opposed to multiple rushed posts.

Then there’s the press conference with our head coach, Anthony Limbrick.

It isn’t the English Premier League, we don’t have dozens of journalists wanting to be there.

It’s all about pitching at where you are and being realistic.

I do know though that external media organisations use our press conferences (that I do) for their own content, so that’s good.

The game itself ended 5-1 to The New Saints. The lead at the top of the JD Cymru Premier is now nineteen points.

I like to produce behind-the-scenes videos for the club, which go out across social media.

They give insight into what goes on and they’re great for fans.

In addition, I add my own clips to a video which I then use for my personal website.

Following the final whistle, there’s an interview with Anthony Limbrick, as we get the initial thoughts from the head coach.

There’s always a player interview as well and that changes each time, depending on what happened.

This time round I went for two.

First of all, there was Ryan Astles, who scored the opener for The New Saints.

With Ben Woollam making his league debut, I wanted to capture that moment as well.

That’s him being interviewed on the pitch, in the lead image.

It was his first interview. Nice one, Ben.

This was my 45th game of the season, with the list here.