A New Year’s Day Walk With Dilwyn And A Massive Step Forward

I do feel very blessed to live where we do, with woodlands and fields all around it suits me as a country person.

It’s also great for dog walking as well, and that’s where this afternoon’s walk took us, as we went to one of the woods in the immediate area.

I recorded a video of the area that I walked with Dilwyn, my Bedlington terrier, and you can watch that below.

What was brilliant about today’s walk – and that’s the reference in the heading – is that for the first time, Dilwyn has let me get him when he’s off his lead.

Although he will never run away, he doesn’t like to be caught.

However, today, he just stood there and let me touch him. Normally, as I approach, he runs a few yards to evade capture.

What I did was make contact with him numerous times, so that he knew he wasn’t going to be put on his lead, and taken away from the outdoors.

It worked and although he’s only a dog, I feel so proud of him.

You can follow his time with us, since we had him as a puppy here.