After A Few Days With No Fishing, It’s Nice To Be Back On The Bank

A combination of work and home renovations have meant that there’s been no fishing for a few days.

I was at work, and in Cardiff, on Wednesday, finally arriving home deep into Thursday morning.

Then I was back in south Wales on Friday and Saturday.

Plus, we’ve had up to seven tradesmen at one time working in the house. It will be nice when it’s finished but for now we’re living in a building site.

It was nice to go fishing today, if only to get some normality back.

Angling is a big part of my normal life and routine is good.

I only had half an hour on a local stretch of canal but it was important.

I was targeting ruffe with a 0.4g jig-head and a tiny rubber fish.

I didn’t catch but it was nice to be back. I still recorded a video that you can watch here.