Thought For The Day – January 1 – Looking Back But Also Looking Forward

As we leave one year behind, it’s only natural that we reflect. However, equally important, is that we look ahead.

There’s more in the video below (43 seconds) with other Thought For The Day posts HERE.

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  1. hi there stewart happy new year to you and your family .
    my name is also stewart I follow yourself and enjoy reading your posts .how that came about was a post you did where you were in rhyl and I enjoyed that very much my heart is in north wales and every chance we get we spend a few days there. anyway i look forward to your 2021 posts take care stewart.
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    1. Hello, Stewart. Many thanks for your very kind words.
      Wales is great, isn’t it! Interesting to read how you came across my blog. I’m very proud of my Welsh roots indeed.
      A happy New Year!