Launching A 2021 Garden Nature Blog

I’m looking forward to writing a garden nature blog during 2021. Having moved home just the last few weeks, it’s still very new as far as the natural world outside my window is concerned.

The first bird of the year was a female blackbird, quickly followed by a wood pigeon, dunnock and magpie.

Great tit, blue tit and coal tit, in quick succession, meant that the regulars all put in an early appearance.

Defending its territory, a robin did its best to see off the smaller birds from the feeding station. Many people probably don’t realise, but robins are very territorial and aggressive.

In a neighbour’s tree, saw the first goldfinch since we moved in. The species has been on the list of expected birds to see. A few inches away sat a male chaffinch.

We have a resident dunnock, it was good to see two together today.

There are often gulls in flight, passing through. The first one of the year was a great black-backed gull.

A grey heron flew low overhead. It’s the second I’ve seen so far from the garden, but the first of 2021, so a decent addition to the year list.

Three male blackbird in a neighbouring tree. The harsher weather causes birds to search for a food source. Feed them and they’ll keep returning.

Two carrion crow in flight.

Flock of c.20 finches in flight. Only a brief glimpse at distance with the naked eye, so not able to identify.

Two goldfinch in flight at some distance over the local nature reserve.

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