A Post-Match Interview With Ryan Astles, As He Opens His Goal Account With The New Saints – Lightning Doesn’t Strike Twice

Following the 4-0 victory against Newtown AFC, and with four different names on the scoresheet, there were several contenders for the player post-match interview.

However, as this was his first goal for The New Saints, I went for Ryan Astles. I was so pleased for him on a personal level, as well, due to the circumstances surrounding the game against Bala Town in September.

On that occasion, he found the net, only for the goal to be wiped off, due to floodlight failure in the dying minutes.

I was even thinking this time, as the clock ticked down at Latham Park, I hope lightning doesn’t strike twice!

It didn’t, and we were able to complete the game, and congratulate Ryan on finally opening his goal account with The New Saints.