It Was A Frosty Start To The Day But The Angling Show Goes On

I shared in a recent blog entry how November is going to be both a month of change and busy at the same time.

However, one constant will be my fishing. Of course I love it, that’s why I go, but it’s also a litmus test regarding balance in my life.

I don’t mind being busy with other things, but if I can’t go fishing, then I’m too busy. The fact that I get out as much as I do shows I’m on the right side of the line.

This morning, I was up before first light and out on a local canal. As you can see from the lead image, it was also frosty.

The canal was crystal clear and you could see the bottom, which is typical in these conditions.

I’ve been doing just canal mini-jigging this month so far and it’s fitted in perfectly with everything else going on.

Although there would be more productive venues, tactics and species, if it’s a choice of fishing or not, that’s all I need to know.

I have caught perch but I’ve also had blanks, including this morning.

I do appreciate the four seasons very much and today it felt very much like we are edging towards winter.

I can’t remember the last time my hands were that cold. My feet were fine though, as I’ve recently invested in a pair of good quality boots.

Plus, even though I didn’t even have an enquiry, I enjoyed it. I love the great outdoors and if you can combine that with some fishing, that’s even better.

It’s another passion of mine this afternoon, as I’m off to Bala Town for a JD Cymru Premier game with The New Saints.

As I often say: Fishing and football, not a bad life, eh.