Another Unique Addition To My Football Memorabilia Collection – Fiji, New Zealand And The 2008 Beijing Olympics

I love my memorabilia collection due to the fact that it’s all very personal and every item tells a story.

Greg Draper has been very generous to me recently, see here and here, and that kindness continues.

The latest gift from The New Saints FC’s New Zealand international goes back to the 2008 Beijing Olympics qualifiers.

With the All Whites playing five games in as many days, Greg featured in three of them.

The pass, as you can see from the image, is Greg’s from the time in Fiji, and was issued by the Fiji FA.

He gave me the item yesterday afternoon, after training, and told me a couple of stories of how he missed one particular game (nothing sinister) and that his dad flew to Fiji to watch him in action.

Thanks, Greg. As with the other items, I really appreciate this.

You can view my collection here and the passes and lanyards category here.