Why I’m Taking A Break From Social Media

You often come across people saying they are leaving social media and it’s usually because they’ve had a falling out with someone.

They often make an announcement saying they’re going, but very often, once the anger subsides, they calm down and return.

A couple of weeks or so ago, I decided to take a break myself. However, this wasn’t the result of any negative incident.

In fact, nothing had happened at all. No words with anyone, no issues, no problems. Nothing untoward whatsoever.

I simply decided to take a break as an experiment. For a long time now, all I’ve posted on my social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter) have been blog posts.

While I’ve had a fair number of clicks (mostly via the former), I wondered what would happen if I posted only on my site itself.

Actually, the views haven’t dropped at all, so that’s been encouraging. If you’re a blogger and most of your traffic comes from social media, that’s different. For me, that’s not the case.

A number of people subscribe to my updates, others drop by on a regular basis themselves, and with years of blog entries on here, there’s a fair amount of passing traffic.

I’m continuing with my social media furlough. As I wanted it to be accurate, I decided to deactivate my accounts, so there wouldn’t be any clicks whatsoever.

Facebook is fine because it will stay deactivated indefinitely. However, Twitter is different, as after a certain period of time it goes for good. I’ll try and remember to activate it briefly every now and then.

The main thing I like about posting solely on here is that I can focus my attention on one platform. It’s a big positive as far as time management is concerned.

I do have a YouTube account but I embed the videos on here and I’ve disabled the comments, again, no issues. Just time management.

If I had to sum up my overall decision in two words, that would be it. Time management.

I’ll just see how it goes over the next couple of weeks or so.