Taking The Shirts Off Greg Draper’s Back, Plus His Shorts As Well – I Even Had A Training Bag To Put Them In

Talking with Greg Draper recently by text message, he asked if I would be interested in some things for my football memorabilia collection.

I didn’t need asking twice, and following TNS FC training a few days later, a number of items were added to my personal menagerie.

They’re all Greg’s training clothes from previous seasons and all have his number (9) on them as well as GD on some.

Thanks, Greg, I really appreciate this. I really do.

And watch this space, as they say, because there’s more to come.

1x white tracksuit top

2x blue tracksuit tops

3x blue long-sleeved training tops

1x blue shirt-sleeved training top

1x blue match day polo shirt

2x blue training shorts

1x training bag with 9 on the front

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