The Day I Saw A UFO…

It’s not a joke or click bait, but as you can see in the video below, I really did see a UFO.

It was actually my sermon on Sunday at Tipton Family Church, so I covered it from the angle of the Christian faith.

It’s easy to write-off other people’s sightings if you’ve never encountered a UFO yourself. Once you have though, you have options as to how you interpret and explain what you saw.

The video below is a condensed version of what I said in church, recorded after everyone had left.

How do you explain your sighting from a Christian perspective? How does it fit in with your faith?

If you do believe in life (as in intelligent beings) on other planets, were they created in God’s image? Did they sin? Did Jesus go to their worlds and die again to redeem them? 

I go for the angle that this world is unique and that sightings are deceptions.

It’s all very interesting though and that’s why the likes of X Files continue to be popular. There is a fascination for many with the unknown.

Feel free to comment below. Maybe you’ve seen a UFO yourself?


  1. I don’t believe in UFO’s, however what is your opinion about life after death Stewart? Personally I would love to believe that there is something after death other than just eternal sleep otherwise what is the purpose of life itself, but I’m not convinced that there is

  2. I’ve never seen a UFO, I wounded what your thoughts on ghosts or spirits are, as they too are part of the unknown ?

    1. I think much of what people claim – probably like UFOs – can be explained logically.
      However, I do believe very much in the spirit world. Both good and bad.
      After all, I believe in the Holy Spirit but also the demonic world.