The Marvelettes – My Favourite Track

With Diana Ross & The Supremes and Martha Reeves & The Vandellas – especially the former – ruling the all-girl Motown groups’ roost, the likes of The Marvelettes didn’t get too much of a look-in.

Although they did hit the number one spot in the USA, with Please Mr. Postman, apart from a couple of releases that reached seventh place, they didn’t make the top ten again.

In the UK, their chart success was even more limited, with just one track making number thirteen. It’s that one, When You’re Young And In Love, that I’m going for.

Written by Van McCoy, from the moment it kicks off, it hits the spot. Even now, all these years later, it’s one of my personal favourites. I love it.

I remember buying it as a youngster. Not first time round – I was only five years old – but some years later, from a ‘bargain bucket’ that most record shops had.

I also like My Baby Must Be A Magician, The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game and Too Many Fish In The Sea, among others, ensuring that as far as I’m concerned, anyway, they are far from just a one-song group.

The album in the lead image, by the way, is a compilation one, and features The Marvelettes singing, Now Is The Time For Love.


  1. Let me know what you think Stewart. Dave was in declining health when he curated the music for the series of Deep Soul Treasures, you can tell they are lovingly put together.

      1. Yes Stewart plenty of vintage black music to go at!! I used to be friends with the late Dave Godin the man who coined the phrase Northern Soul, his favourite track or one of his favourites was Look At The Boy- Jean Plumb a Memphis soul stew!!

        1. I know the name but didn’t know anything about him. I just searched the Internet, he didn’t like Mick Jagger, did he!
          Just found the song on Spotify, wasn’t familiar with it before.

          1. No, he felt that the Rolling Stones were just ripping off black music. Check out the series of compilation albums available via Ace Godin compiled before his death Dave Godin`s Deep Soul Treasures. Essential late night listening.The Jean Plumb track is a corker