Live Blogging Through The Night – Feel Free To Keep Me Company

8.00 p.m. It’s my third overnighter of the week, and having caught a carp on both previous sessions, one tonight would most definitely be the icing on the cake.

It’s not a runs water, so one would be a result, as I’m sure it would be a pretty decent size as well. Fewer fish but bigger suits me fine. Quality over quantity.

You can watch the introductory video below, and as always, join me via the comments box. You don’t need to register, just post your message and hit submit. I look forward to your company.

8.45 p.m. It’s a beautiful night, very still, and there are fish in front of me. Will they be on the mat though? Time will tell!

9.45 p.m. As darkness draws in, still no action. There was a mobile carp angler in the next swim, he’s now moved on (left the water), after an equally quiet evening.

10.05 p.m. I’m fishing some very shallow water. It’s also very clear and weed-free. With three rods out, I’m using back leads, just off the rod tips.

That way, there’s less chance of a carp wiping out the other two rods, in the event it shoots off parallel to the bank.

With trees either side of me, and branches that hang into the water, it’s not possible to ‘walk’ any hooked fish along the bank to keep it out of the way.

11.45 p.m. Not fishing-related, but I followed the Leeds United victory earlier today, via the internet.

I remember the last time Leeds were in the top flight, in the 2003/2004 season. Both Leeds and Wolves got relegated, with 33 points each, if I recall correctly.

I can picture Alan Smith’s own goal at Molineux, in front of the South Bank, as if it happened right now. Wolves won that one (can’t remember the score without researching) but lost at Elland Road 4-1 later in the season.

It’s looking good that my two favourite teams will be reunited at the very top once more, after many years.

Wonder if fans will be back in stadiums any time soon? England, today, announced a friendly against Wales in the autumn at Wembley. Would have loved that but it’s behind-closed-doors.

12.15 a.m. Not the carp that I’m after but at least I’m not a blanker. Plus, it shows there’s nothing wrong with bait and presentation.

I’m addition, there’s no such thing as a nuisance fish in my vocabulary. They’re all welcome, even if not the intended quarry.

1.00 a.m. The fish has been returned and I’ve changed the lead image of the blog entry. I hope it’s not the first time I have to do that either, this session.

1.30 a.m. A couple of brief bleeps, so a good sign that there are fish out there, even if they’re not showing.

2.00 a.m. I’m still wide-awake, waiting for a screamer on one of the bite alarms. I’ve just written The Marvelettes – My Favourite Track, so that’s an upcoming blog entry sorted for later today.

4.30 a.m. First-light and I’ve still got the tench as the lead image…

5.00 a.m. What was I saying again, about the lead image? A nice-looking common, caught on SBS Baits 16mm lobworm boilie.

7.00 a.m. Baits reeled in for the final time. Looks like being a nice day. Enjoy!


  1. Regarding numbers of species in the British Isles, I believe that the 38 species here is dwarfed by about 100 in European Lakes ponds and rivers? I think this is down to the last glacial period of the final ice age around 8000-10,000 years ago.

    For example, I’ve been in Germany,and noted small species similar to Bleak in a river at Wetzlar- they were shoaling in the shallows with minnows. However , there were not bleak or young dace. My field guide has many possibles, which are not present in UK.

    1. Lots more species around than we imagine, for sure.
      Then you’ve got all the sea species in the UK alone. If I lived closer to the coast, I’d be targeting saltwater mini-species without doubt.