The Supremes – My Favourite Track

Prior to 1967, when Diana Ross was added to the group’s title, the all-girl trio were known simply as The Supremes.

Then, following her departure three years later, the group reverted to the original name. This blog entry covers the post-Ross era, before they disbanded in 1976.

Although the group never hit the heights of the previous incarnations, nevertheless Motown fans will cherish the likes of Automatically Sunshine, Floy Joy, Nathan Jones, Stoned Love And Up The Ladder To The Roof.

My favourite though is He’s My Man, from the 1975 album, The Supremes, which although released as a single, never even made the lower reaches of the charts in the UK or USA.

The lead image, by the way are the original Motown Gold albums. I loved those when they first came out. The Supremes feature on both.