A Birding Walk Around Haden Hill Park In The Black Country – Look At Those Tadpoles

An enclave of green in the urban Black Country, Haden Hill Park is a pleasant reminder of the once rural landscape, prior to industrialisation and development.

As you can see from the video below, it’s like being in the countryside. I took my binoculars with me and saw the following birds:

mallard, feral pigeon, blackbird, great spotted woodpecker, wood pigeon, magpie chaffinch, robin, blue tit, carrion crow, moorhen, coot, common buzzard, lesser black-backed gull, jackdaw, dunnock, great tit, nuthatch.

The highlight of the walk, as far as the natural world was concerned though, were the hundreds of common frog tadpoles massed together in the shallows of the pool.

With amphibians in general in decline, it’s always very encouraging to see positive signs. Many don’t make it to ‘froghood’ but for those that do, they help to keep the species going.