A Nature Walk Around Turls Hill And A Very Pleasant Surprise

Another day and another walk, this time back to Turls Hill. In ornithological terms, this is my local patch, but like many birders I usually spend more time elsewhere than on my doorstep.

What the current Coronavirus situation is doing though is causing more of us to make the most of what’s in the local vicinity.

By doing so you get to see things you have never encountered before, and that was the case today, when I witnessed my first common pheasant at Turls Hill.

I go through that in the accompanying video and I was certainly thrilled to spot them. In an area that has a rural feel to it, but is actually surrounded by urban development, it’s an interesting tick.

Pheasants are not particularly strong flying birds and you wonder how they ended up on the eastern side of Sedgley. Maybe they’ve always been there and my regular recent visits have finally unearthed them.

Birds seen: wood pigeon, robin, great tit, magpie, dunnock, blue tit, blackbird, blackcap, wren, chaffinch, common buzzard, carrion crow, nuthatch, common pheasant.