Making Use Of My Free Time By Adding More Angling Blogs To The List

I’ve enjoyed searching the internet recently for angling blogs, so that I can update the list. Now I’m a furlough worker, it’s a good opportunity to do that, as in normal circumstances I don’t have the same amount of free time that I’m currently enjoying.

I often invite other anglers to submit an entry and that was taken up by Steve Ridd (who runs stevetheangler blog), who suggested sidestreambob. As well as adding that particular site, I also searched the internet for others that begin with the letter S.

It’s a popular one and in no time at all I had taken that category from twenty-two to forty-five entries. Next on the list, as I continue to work on an alphabetical focus, was the letter M. That’s now on twenty entries.

Previously with just three to its name, the letter N is now also in double-figures. Finally, I located more blogs beginning with S, as well as starting categories for V and W. 

With 356 (as I write) now logged, you can check out all the sites listed so far here: A-Z Index Of Angling Blogs

The video below is the one I posted on my YouTube channel recently, plugging the blog promotion that I’m currently doing.