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  1. Hi Stewart, you talked about influences in your recent YouTube video, particularly in relation to songs that we listen to. Two songs that feature very prominently on the play list on my mobile phone are Beautiful Boy by John Lennon and Days by Kirsty MacColl. My terminally ill Grandson very recently passed away and these were the two songs that were played at his funeral

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    1. Hello, Peter.
      I’m very, very sorry to hear that news.
      My thoughts and sympathies are with you all at this difficult time.


  2. You talk about the A – Z of angling blogs in your nost recent YouTube video Stewart, one of my all time favourites from years gone by was, it was a lure fishing journal mainly set on canals from the extremely knowledgable Eric Weight. Sadly he no longer adds to the journal, but I often go back and read some of the old entries because it was so good

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    1. Hello, Peter. I went back on one occasion and the fish weren’t there. It’s very clear and shallow so they did show well previously.
      Funnily enough, I was thinking about the pond the other day and going to take a look to see if the stock has recovered.


  3. Hi Stewart
    Love your videos but more than that I love your style of fishing .
    I gave up commercials years ago preferring the wild and unexplored venues .
    You had a video on the Stour for first session of 2021 and that fallen old tree is still there in the secret world .Had some lovely chub on float fished bread from that stretch but like many of the little rivers it’s catch one and move through the undergrowth to the next peg 😊

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    1. Thanks for the kind words, Philip.
      Indeed, the wild and unexplored places definitely have an attraction.
      There are some nice fish in the Stour, especially if you’re local it’s a good place.
      Tight lines.


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