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  1. Hiya Stewart
    How many Jacks have you now caught this year on non-pike baits? Two is it?
    I caught a couple on fluro pinkies a couple of years back, fairly hooked too.

    I have followed your mantra lately of getting out for shorter sessions and managed to catch some lovely looking common carp, although I suspect they have a lot of Wild Carp genes as they don’t grow massive but, fight like sharks haha
    Lovely golden brown fish, totally different from the ones in an adjacent pool.

    As always I hope you and the family are well and thank you for always being an inspiration,


    1. Hello, Hugo.
      I’ve had two on sweetcorn in recent weeks. Both taken by the fish as well.
      Nice one on the short sessions, it’s great isn’t it!
      Those carp sound great.

      1. 2 on corn is just madness Haha
        I got another Carp out yesterday afternoon after finishing work at 3.. This time on the pole, not sure it made it any easier to stop them but, entertaining all the same.
        Tight lines.

          1. Indeed and I don’t mind being up with the birds and getting in a few hours.
            Yet another Common fell yesterday afternoon in the sun.
            Will switch to the canal soon, I have a score to settle with the local Chub population :D

            1. I love the mornings before the dogs in the water etc!
              Excellent on the carp and tight lines with the chub!

  2. Hello Stewart, As always enjoying your videos thoroughly, love the latest Tench one, nice to see you using simple rigs and not casting to the horizon with ridiculously complicated rigs..The tench video brings back fond memories of my late Father taking me fishing to Himley Hall in the 80s and catching those lovely Tench.. I do miss those days..By the way Stewart,Dilwyn has a new fan, as the Wife loves him..


    1. Hello, Jim.
      Great memories there. The tench at Himley Hall took a back seat in recent years but they’ve returned.
      That’s lovely to hear about Dilwyn!
      Say hello to your wife.

  3. Hiya Stewart
    Hope you and Debs have/had a great holiday.
    Much Love
    Peanut Assassin (Hugo, Bobbykins, TannyB & Pedro)

  4. Hiya Stewart.
    Hope you and Debs have/had a great holiday.
    Much Love
    Peanut Assassin (Hugo, Bobby, TannyB & Pedro)

    1. Thanks, Hugo. Came across a few ditches where I had a look for sticklebacks for the future but nothing showing!

      1. Have you checked the pond at your home venue yet?
        That place is still full of them even if a little overgrown.
        Glad you had a good break… Just watching the harbor video now mate, great stuff!!

        1. I went there recently but it had been raining heavily and the area was flooded.
          Funnily enough, I was thinking last week I need to check it out again and now that the rivers are closed, I will give it a dabble soon.

          1. Ah yeah, it doesn’t take much rain for that area to flood a bit.
            You should be OK in the woods though as the pond sits at the base of a hill.
            As I say it is a little overgrown but no one fishes it.