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  1. Hi Stewart, very much like yourself the perch has always been my favourite fish, however recently I have had a few lure caught Ruffe and it is fast becoming my new favourite fish. I love the vibrant colours on the Ruffe and the way it flares its gills in a defensive mode and becomes statuesque when you hold it. They are quite elusive in my local canal but I have had some success recently cutting sift plastic worms down so they will accomodate a size #12 hook. As you know they don’t grow very big, however I recall a YouTube video that you made around 6 years ago where you caught what was a monster for the species

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    1. Hello, Peter.
      Like you, perch are my favourite but I also have a soft spot for ruffe.
      I’ve enjoyed it when I’ve fished for them and it’s great to catch them by design.
      I’ve been lure fishing for them as well, brilliant isn’t it!
      Yeah, I’ve had some specimens over the years.


  2. Hi Stewart, Good Film that 39 steps, don’t forget Rear Window, another good Hitchcock film, Enjoyed the Bridgnorth video too as my Sister lives there just a 10 minute walk from Low Town,Lovely place to be in the Sunshine.

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    1. Hello, Jim.
      I’ll surprise you one of these days with Rear Window…
      Thanks, it’s a lovely place, as you know.
      It’s about 12 miles from where we live but they’re rural miles and it’s easy access.


      1. Hi Stuart really enjoy your videos. Just getting back into fishing after a few years off. My wife is now working and has some 6/6.30 starts so am now taking my light lure rod and having an hour after dropping her at work before going to work myself. Had two sessions this week and so far no fish on the bank. This morning was quite enjoyable as I had a take right at my feet but lost the fish in the weed. Followed by a couple of other lost fish Better than no bites at all and I’m sure I’ll get into the fish soon. Fur me it’s more about being out in nature and enjoying the sights smells and sound catching is a bonus.

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        1. Hello, Stephen.
          Thanks for the comments, appreciated.
          That’s great to hear about the lure fishing.
          Although no fish yet, you’re doing something right and it will happen soon.
          Tight lines.


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