Back on the team bus — Behind the media scenes at Cardiff City Stadium as The New Saints take on the Bluebirds — It was twenty years ago today…

Back on the team bus

Just a few hours sleep after getting back home from the game in Hamilton and I was up for another match, this time in Cardiff.

With Cardiff City the opponent on this occasion, The New Saints’ team bus took us along a well-worn route.

The A49 through Hereford and Monmouth is one that we do several times during the course of the domestic season.

We were again on the ex-Tottenham Hotspur first-team coach, which is now currently being used by Shrewsbury Town.

Although I didn’t have a snooze on the way to Scotland, I did on the journey to Cardiff.

I find that when I’m tired in the day, a short power nap is sufficient to top up the battery.