An honour to be involved in the chairman’s wedding in Llandinam — Personal seasons of change still evolving

An honour to be involved in the chairman’s wedding in Llandinam

The wedding of The New Saints FC’s chairman, Mike Harris, to Rhian, took place at the church of St. Llonio in Llandinam.

I was invited to the service and it was a very pleasant drive into Montgomeryshire from where I live, skirting Bridgnorth and Shrewsbury this side of the border and Welshpool and Newtown in Wales itself.

The church is believed to date back to the sixth century, with the tower constructed seven hundred years later.

Much of the present building goes back to the 1800s.

It’s a beautiful church and in a very aesthetically pleasing setting.


  1. It’s strange feeling that sense of change. We always strive for a time when we can retire and have the freedom to choose our own things to do…. But when it comes we question our own value and purpose. I suppose that’s natural. Hope you continue to enjoy your transition Stewart.

    1. Hello, Matt. I guess it’s different for everyone but I’ve never had any of those issues.
      I first went semi-retired in my forties and was only tempted back to full-time by the offer of working in football.
      I loved semi-retirement back then, I love it now and the decade of football sandwiched in the middle was pretty decent as well!
      The only issue now is finance, as the travel alone means it’s not economically viable to live In Staffordshire and work in Wales.
      In the meantime it’s not a problem, just something that needs to be worked through in due course.