The camera never lies, or does it? Don’t jump to conclusions

At the weekend game between The New Saints and Connah’s Quay Nomads, John Smith was in attendance, taking photographs for the Football Association of Wales.

When they were published, I saw one of me walking across the pitch.

I’ve got team sheets in my hand and I’d just been across to the Sgorio team in the gantry to give them their copies.

I can tell that from the image but I was totally unaware that it had been taken.

In fact, it looks like I’m staring at the camera and scowling when in fact I didn’t even know about it.

As for the scowl, I had the sun in my eyes and I was squinting.


  1. Yep … best picture capable of alternative interpretation I’ve ever seen was a Sun newspaper one of American soldiers carrying an injured person on a stretcher…

    Headline beneath said something like … “American soldiers take a prisoner for torture”….

    I wonder how many people took that as absolute truth based on the Sun’s statement .. whereas photo could be anything really … such as an injured AMERICAN taken to hospital … maybe tripped on stairs and nothing to do with comat even… prisoner with burst appendix being rushed to surgery?

    1. That reminds me of when the Daily Mirror published photographs of British soldiers torturing Iraqi detainees.
      Except they were hoax images.
      The newspaper apologised but the editor, Piers Morgan, refused and he got the sack.

    2. P.S. Just caught up with your blog, nice to see you enjoyed your camping in the Crew Green area.
      I fish that wider area a lot when I finish work.
      It’s also where some of my ancestral roots are.