Farewell Tipton Family Church as a season comes to an end

Today was our final service at Tipton Family Church.

Primarily, the decision was made for us and it was out of our hands, as our landlord (Methodist denomination) decided to close the chapel.

We knew it was coming as it’s been talked about for many years but they recently announced that they would be closing their congregation permanently in the middle of May.

That obviously affected us as well and when we talked about it last week, between now and then due to holidays, work etc, the only Sunday we were all going to be together was today.

Therefore, we decided that it would also be our last service as well.


  1. Sorry I am going to miss your last service, the meeting I came to at Christmas had a profound effect on Isabelle and Elliot. Love and kisses to you and Debbie X X X

  2. Sorry to hear of this, Stewart. I wish you all well and hope that you all stay in touch. It’s a shame to hear things like this. We need more churches, not less….

    1. Love your comment that although you’re a minister you see yourself “first and foremost as a Christian.” I’m sure new doors will open, but our primary identity once we’re saved is found in Christ, not our role or ministry title. Thanks for the reminder, blessings to you and Debbie.

      1. Thanks, Jon. We’re very relaxed about everything, we knew it was coming due to the building situation.

  3. A sad day, but an opportunity for a new season as you have said. Hope you and Debby can enjoy a rest and enjoy being ministered to for a while. Pray that God guides you to the correct church 😊