A fifties US television short featuring British actress, Merle Oberon – Sound Off, My Love

A 1953 black and white television short, Sound Off, My Love is part of the Four Star Playhouse series from the time.

It’s very much like Tales Of The Unexpected in format.

Martha (Merle Oberon) is deaf and relies on lip reading until her doctor introduces her to a discreet hearing aid.

She then hears people talking about her but also her husband, Bill (Gordon Oliver), planning to kill her so he can pursue his adulterous romance.

She confides in her best friend, unaware that she’s the object of Bill’s affections.

He plots to kill her at a lonely place but just as he is about to shoot her, the storekeeper (James Seay) arrives on the scene and saves the day.

He’s returning her wallet that she left behind at his shop earlier.

At the time he ran after her but she drove off as the battery had gone on the hearing aid.

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