In Time, what was then just a futuristic sci-fi movie but today seems almost prophetical

Starring Justin Timberlake (Will Salas) and Amanda Seyfried (Sylvia Weis), In Time is a futuristic sci-fi action film.

People are genetically engineered to stop ageing at 25 but then their personal clock begins to tick down.

There’s no money in society and time is the currency. If you don’t get time, you die.

The ordinary people are exploited by the elites, with the former living on the edge while the latter thrive on their extortion.

It may have been just a fantasy movie in 2011 but there’s more than an element of truth to it today in so many ways: The minority of elites controlling the majority of the population, people living in zones where they can’t leave, technology used to control the masses, the poor not able to afford even an old car while the elites drive top of the range vehicles, a politicised police force driven by ideology as opposed to the desire to deal with crime.

Will Salas is the good guy, the Robin Hood of the film who steals time from the rich to give to the poor.

Sylvia Weis is the daughter of an elite, who elopes with Salas and joins him on his mission.

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