An angling session where I was thankful for very small mercies, the far-right and blogging landmarks

What a difference a day makes? Well, I’ll contract that even further to a few hours.

Looking through the window before it was even light, I could see that my car wasn’t going anywhere and that meant no fishing either, courtesy of the heavy snowfall.

As well as the drive being on a slope towards our home, the entrance from the road is such that if the car slips and slides there is a brick wall either side waiting for it.

Plus, any further movement and there are the garage doors at the bottom to crash into.

Therefore, a day without fishing as well as work, as The New Saints v Bala Town fixture was postponed due to the weather.


  1. Hi Stewart, I’ve been reading your blogs for some time now, butjust to let you know I noticed recently when I click into your ABOUT on the YouTube channel and then to the link my angling website, it takes me to a totally different site. Has it been compromised. The reason I got to your blog site now was I typed it into Google. The link on YouTube seems to be not going to your blog entries. Could you check.

    1. Hello, Declan. Thanks for letting me know, it’s changed now.
      Up until recently, I had two domains pointing to the site ( and but now I’ve just got the one (the latter).

      1. Yes I can access it now thanks👍but just to let you know too where it says to “click here for the latest blog entries and site menu” it wont allow me in.

        1. P.S. It might have been a glitch because I noticed this morning none of the embedded videos were working. They were asking for additional information before anyone could view but they seem to be fine now, I’ve just checked random ones.