Just For You, the storyline is ‘different’ but the music is great

A 1964 movie, where everyone stars as themselves, Just For You has a storyline where Sam Costa lies in bed smoking a cigar and introduces the next performance.

The acts are all music videos of artists from the time.

There are some well-known ones such as Freddie And The Dreamers, Peter And Gordon and The Merseybeats.

Others, not so famous, such as The Orchids.

I did an internet search on them (they sang Mr. Scrooge) and found out they were three schoolgirls from Coventry.

They were once refused money that they wanted to borrow from Ray Davies, so they had to hitchhike home.

The storyline is, as the heading suggests, very ‘different’ but the sections between the songs are quite short anyway.

I enjoy sixties music anyway, so on that basis it was enjoyable.

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