Tips on lure fishing shallow water and do I use the perch or the pike for the lead image?

With a working day ahead of me, I was up at 6.17 this morning for an early session.

I know that because I woke my wife as I stirred and she looked at her phone to see what time it was.

I got changed and after a cup of tea I was on my way.

I was in a new spot on a pool as well.

A change is as good as a rest and all that.


  1. Excellent, sounds great.
    I like autumn holidays, they’re cheaper, less busy and you still get nice weather.

    1. I had to think then because I was thinking lead as in weight rather than leading!
      I’ll be doing plenty of dead-baiting from Saturday onwards.
      Looking forward to it actually.
      A change is as good as a rest!
      Tight lines, Steve.

      1. And you!
        No fishing for me until 10/10 though as going away then and need to prep for that.
        However, 10/10 arrive at a holiday site with 2 large fishing lakes for a week 😃🥰😊 but, due to limitations to loading car, no pike tackle can be taken so will be targeting bream. Pike will be on the menu on our return though!! 😃
        Tight lines…