Welsh house names in the Black Country and another angling session this evening

Afterwards, we got home and I had a nap.

That’s also become part of my semi-retired lifestyle.

I was back up again very quickly, as they’re more power naps than deep sleeps.

The weather forecast has been predicting thunderstorms all day but then reviews it and has them for later instead.

I thought to myself, I’ll go fishing and then when the thunder and lightning announces itself from a distance, I’ll leave.

However, I managed a couple of hours and, apart from some light rain, it was a very pleasant evening indeed.


  1. My uncle and aunt, originally from Port Talbot lived in Bilston in a house they named Crag-y-don, and when they moved to Gloucester the house there was also so named.

    And my house, named by my Dad, is Pen-Ton…. ‘brow of the hill’ named after a house also just down the road from where my grandparents lived in Port Talbot….

    1. Interesting, Steve.
      Craig-y-don is a common name for houses.
      I’ve been saying since we moved in, I need to give ours a Welsh name!