Two species of fish from an off the beaten track pond

I enjoyed my two angling outings yesterday, but today I’ve been just once, and a very late session at that.

It was, as the heading states, another visit to one of the wild venues that I’ve been on recently.

I had to be careful where I was treading as I made my way through the long grass, as I noticed lots of tiny froglets on the ground.

It’s always great to see, especially when you consider the decline of amphibians in recent years.

I’m sure, like me, as an angler you take more than a passing interest in the natural world.


  1. Hello Stewart
    On these small off the beaten track venues,
    Do you still take a landing net with you just in case you hook into a larger surprise? And if so how do you cope when access is limited with the length of the landing net pole?

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    1. Hello, Steve.
      I do indeed.
      I have a Greys net with a detachable shorter handle which is a compromise between the full-on job and no net at all.
      The only time I don’t take a net is when I’m on the upper reaches of a tiny brook and the water is just a few inches deep and the brook narrow and there aren’t any big fish in there at all.


      1. I thought you probably did Stewart just wounded as hadn’t mentioned in your recent video’s.
        I agree with what you said in your earlier content,(lot to go through nineteen years and counting)Angling is what you make it,I too share a passion for angling, different circumstances to yourself ,different venues and
        Different locations but we both share the same passion I too get excited before every angling adventure, just like the excitement at Christmas Eve.

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        1. Excellent, Steve.
          Tight lines when you’re out next.
          I’ve just had beans and toast and I’ll be out myself for a couple of hours!


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