Memorabilia and memories from the TNS FC v Linfield FC Champions League games

Now that the games have been played, it’s time to log the memorabilia additions to my collection from the TNS v Linfield Champions League encounters.

From the leg at Park Hall there was a programme (signed by Anthony Limbrick), team sheet (signed by goal scorer, Ryan Brobbel) and my own access all areas pass.

At Windsor Park, there was a programme (where I also had a column in there, as with the one at Park Hall) and team sheet (signed by Josh Daniels, who made his club debut).

There were also three passes from Northern Ireland, two of my own (access all areas and zone 1) and Paul Harrison’s (zone 1).

You can view my memorabilia pages here.

The video goes through the items added, as well as a Northern Ireland U-21 cap putting in an appearance.