Bowel cancer screening result and NHS MOT, both in one day

I’m at that age where the National Health Service becomes more interested in you.

That’s a good thing, of course, I’m not complaining.

Far from it.

I recently did my first bowel cancer screening test and today the result came back.

I’m clear, and in two years time I’ll have another test.


  1. Hope you did well!… :)
    I did ok … and discovered a new ‘super bait’ LOL
    Calimari – 3 carp plus one hook pull – only bait that scored on the day despite trying several others!!

    1. I had a stickleback just 2.4g off the British record, so a great start.
      I just read your blog entry. Nice one.
      I’ve fished with squid-flavoured boilies before for barbel.

      1. ,
        👍👍 Nice one!

        I remember my Dad fishing for sticklebacks … Mid-late 50’s over the Seven Cornfields, I remember there were 2 pools next to each other, one in the open, the other surrounded by bushes … Each about 30′ circular as I recall and was really hot and sunny (like today) and lots of damsel and dragon flies… Never located them since although I did fish at an old abandoned farm’s pool with bamboo and cotton and tied on worms for ‘bloody butchers’ (sticklebacks with their red breeding livery) in the 60’s 🥰😀😀

        1. Fantastic memories there, Steve.
          I’ve been following the fortunes of the seven cornfields area for a while.
          I do hope it escapes the developers.
          It’s an area I have visited myself over the years on my nature adventures.

  2. I’m 71, had the MOT at 50 but never been called in for any other one since??? I do get annual diabetic reviews though as been T2 diabetic for 17 years.

    Had a bowel screen in 2019 … found rectal cancer so had rectum removed… and had ileostomy bag for 9 months until I had a reversal in July 2020 … and Monday this week had my 3 year review with consultant who gave me all clear for another 2 years 👍😀

    1. You must have slipped through the system, Steve.
      I’ve had all three now since I was 60.
      I knew it was looking good with the health issues and that latest news is great.
      You’re looking good for 71!
      Out fishing tomorrow?

      1. Cheers re ‘looking good!’ :)
        Maybe I should ask doc about MOTs… but then again with the diabetes I do a lot of blood samples and other checks so perhaps the data is gleaned from them – make sense to re-use data to optimise resource usage?
        Fished yesterday – but not river – and seems from comments on FB that it was busy on the Severn (“Is there one peg free ANYWHERE on the Middle Severn?” someone posted).. I went to a club pool after bream, caught carp LOL
        I guess you were out too – got to catch up on your posts!! LOL


        1. Yes, I’m sure they get the same information from the blood test.
          When I go in for mine, it’s mostly information from the blood test.
          All they do extra is do a blood pressure test, weigh me and ask if I exercise, smoke and what’s my alcohol intake.
          June 16 on a beautiful day, I can imagine the middle Severn was very busy indeed!
          I went on a brook after sticklebacks, didn’t see another person!
          I went out again on the evening, on a pool though.