Groundhog Boxing Day Fishing

With a family get-together planned from late morning onwards, today’s angling was again lure fishing, on the same local pool, first thing and for just thirty minutes.

Due to more overnight rain, the clarity of the water was even worse than it was yesterday.

However, as long as your bait’s in the water you have a chance, isn’t a catchy phrase, it’s actually reality.

The theme of groundhog day was played out perfectly, when the small glider fish was taken by a tiny pike.

Although just the only take of the session, I was thrilled to get it on the bank due to the conditions.

Then it was back home and a very enjoyable family time ahead of us.

With my eldest daughter living in the south of Staffordshire and the other in the north, it was a county reunion.

We had a great time, they’ve all gone now and I’m publishing this blog entry.

I hope you also had a wonderful Boxing Day.