Chub Fishing And It Comes Good Right At The End, While I Listened To The New Saints’ Chairman On The Radio

I enjoyed my session on the River Severn yesterday so much, I went back for more today.

The stretch I headed for is 13.2 miles from home, and apart from a 100m section of A road, it’s all country lanes and B roads.

I skirted two villages, passed through three and glimpsed four hamlets on a very rural journey through Staffordshire and Shropshire.

The river was looking good, both in terms of level and clarity. The tackle approach was identical to yesterday’s session, including a chunk of bread moulded around a size 6 hook.

Again, I had the section to myself. I only saw one man, walking his dogs, and when I missed two bites he said, I’m leaving you alone now as I’m affecting your concentration.

Unfortunately, I had to then wait until right at the very end of the planned four-hour session, before I finally hooked and landed my target species, chub.

At the time I was listening to BBC radio and in particular, a live interview with The New Saints’ chairman, Mike Harris.

I had set this up earlier in the morning and it just so happened that it took place while I was fishing.

As Mike talked, I played and netted the only fish of the session, a nice enough chub.

Football in Wales is now postponed until the middle of January at the earliest, so work-wise I’m not going to be busy at all.

I’m always looking to engage with the natural world while angling, and today that meant numerous very vocal ravens, who are resident in the area.

There was also a wigeon in with the mallards on the river.