Garden Birding Update

Although we get lots of regular birds throughout the year in the garden, we also have numerous spells where specific ones visit for a while and then we don’t see them again.

Recently, we’ve had a carrion crow on the feeding station, specifically after the fat balls that I’ve moulded in a coconut shell.

It was there for a number of days and now it’s gone.

We also had a juvenile sparrowhawk. It flew in the garden and perched on a water feeder for quite some time.

Now we’re into the early stages of winter, birds are flocking together.

I counted twenty-three magpies in trees in the lane, visible from our living room.

In addition, the long-tailed tits are back, with c.10 birds visiting daily.

I spent a short time this afternoon watching the garden – and beyond – from the new room upstairs.

This is what I saw, in order of appearance.

blackbird (m,f), robin, blue tit, great tit, magpie, carrion crow, wood pigeon, lesser black-backed gull, mallard, chaffinch (m,f), house sparrow, dunnock, great-spotted woodpecker.

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