Fishing Storm Arwen – Part Two

My last angling session was in the early stage of Arwen, the latest named storm to hit the United Kingdom.

This time, I was out during the storm itself, although the worst of it had passed through in the night.

On the River Severn, in pursuit of chub, I set up in a place that had no major trees in the immediate area.

That’s important, as safety always has to be a major consideration when fishing anyway, never mind during a storm.

The spot I chose also meant that I could present a bait and watch the rod tip. From an angling perspective, that’s important.

It’s no good sitting there watching a rod dancing around in the wind and not knowing whether you have a bite or not.

On this occasion, although I did have a few plucks, I didn’t catch.

The conditions were harsh though, it was very cold indeed and the water was freezing.

That’s my excuse though for blanking, which actually is a very valid one.

You can watch the accompanying video here.