I’m Not Pressing The Panic Button Just Yet

It’s a working football game today but before I set off for Park Hall and JD Cymru Premier MD12, some fishing.

I decided to do some jigging for perch this time, it is a great way to fish when time is tight.

Especially when you keep your rod made up, as I do, you are fishing within seconds of arriving at the water’s edge.

I went light, as I invariably do, with a 1g jig head and a size 6 hook.

Then bait was a 2” glider. It’s a white colour and shows very well in the clear water. It also looks natural, which is good.

Unfortunately, it was another blank, but as the headline suggests, I won’t be pressing the panic button just yet after two on the bounce.

I recorded a video, as always. Even with no fish action, there’s always something to share.