Fishing In The Rain And Third Time Lucky, As They Say

The rain was quite heavy at times this morning but that didn’t stop me from going fishing.

As you can see from the start of the video, I was there at first light but with it being a murky day, it looks like I’m night fishing.

It was an interesting session, connecting with a pike, a perch and a pike, and a pike, although only one made the bank.

It was another short one, which as I’ve said on many occasions recently, suits me fine.

Following on from what I said in the video, the good news is that the plasterer arrived this morning.

We weren’t sure what the schedule was (hence, my comment about if he comes) but we’re happy it’s worked out today.

In fact, he’s here while I publish this blog entry.

I think everything will be finished this week and then it’s just down to us to do the remainder of the decorating.

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