Ahead Of The Visit To Conwy Borough, Pre-Match Media Preparations

It’s the JD Welsh Cup tomorrow (Friday, September 24) for The New Saints, with a visit to Y Morfa, the home of Conwy Borough.

The media preparations have now been completed, including writing and publishing the match preview on the TNS website.

The press conference with head coach, Anthony Limbrick, has also been done and posted online.

That’s the lead image. When we record, you just see the interviewee, but the photograph gives the big picture.

Ahead of every away game, I always make contact with the opponent to confirm our media staff that will be travelling.

Although we have FAW status, it’s always courteous to let people know who will be working at the game.

In this instance we have two media personnel, a photographer and a video analyst.

There’s no electricity in the stand so it will be a challenge as far as broadcasting TNS Radio is concerned, but we’ll be able to do something.

Whatever level of Welsh football you refer to, it’s way behind its English counterpart. That’s not a criticism, just stating fact.

On a personal level it will be a new ground for me – Conway play in the second tier of Welsh football – so, as a groundhopper, I’m looking forward to that very much.