Hedgehog And The Fairy Garden, Juvenile Birds And A New Butterfly Species

It’s great that we have a daily visit from a hedgehog. It also has a regular path that it takes in the garden.

I captured that in the accompanying video.

The juvenile bird species in the garden itself is now up to 17. They have all been at the feeding station as well. They are listed below.

blackbird, blue tit, bullfinch, chaffinch, coal tit, collared dove, dunnock, goldfinch, great tit, greenfinch, house sparrow, magpie, nuthatch, robin, starling, stock dove, wood pigeon.

We are getting numerous goldfinches each day, with the young at various stages.

Some have only recently left the nest, others are well-developed.

The latest butterfly species is a wall brown.

Given more time I would have added a lot more creatures of all types to the list.

That’s for my semi-retirement though, which won’t be that far away. That’s the plan anyway.

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