Catching Sticklebacks By Design

Fishing is ultimately about enjoyment and that’s why I’ve been for three sessions on the bounce in pursuit of three-spined sticklebacks.

I do enjoy brooks and the smaller the better. Ever since I’ve been a child I’ve had a fascination with the more intimate venues.

The brook I’ve been on of late is nothing more than a tiny trickle. I’m fishing very close to its source, as it enters the world above via a spring.

Then, joined by several other similar waterways, it becomes the place that you can see in the video.

The stickleback fishing is quite good, although access to the water is a challenge.

There are no swims, as such, you just make your way through the undergrowth and set up the best that you can in the tight spot.

Watch the video here and this is what you get if you type sticklebacks in the search engine.