Hedgehog Droppings, Juvenile Birds, Muntjac Deer, Female Bullfinch, Woodcock

Although they haven’t been spotted yet, at least one hedgehog has been visiting our garden of late.

For two days on the bounce, droppings have been found. I’ve been keeping an eye out since then, hoping to spot the creature responsible.

We’ve had thirteen juvenile bird species in the garden to date and they are as follows:

blackbird, blue tit, chaffinch, collared dove, dunnock, goldfinch, great tit, house sparrow, magpie, nuthatch, robin, starling, wood pigeon.

It’s always great to see young birds. They are the next generation of each species.

They’re also fun to watch.

We have extensive woodland in the immediate area and the muntjac deer have been very vocal recently.

Once darkness kicks in, you can hear their distinctive bark.

Although not a new bird species, the female bullfinch has now been joining the male at the sunflower hearts feeder.

That’s the lead image, which my wife took from the house. It’s through the blinds, looking into the garden.

I did see a new species though, a woodcock in late evening flight, as I sat in the garden having a cup of tea.

That’s 45 bird species so far in 2021. You can view my other garden nature blogs via the link at the top of the page.

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